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Welcome to Vedaguru Clinic & Training Centre, Wayanad. Kerala
Vedaguru was born with a group of young dynamic people with the intention of exchanging knowledge related to Ayurveda. We are committed to the well being and helping hand, improving the Socioeconomic living circle of our modern civilizations through exchanging knowledge.
Vedaguru aims to be a bridge between ancient culture and modern civilization. To help carry this ancient knowledge forward so that our modern society can benefit from its populaces’ individual power and cure

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    Vedaguru Ayurveda

    About Vedaguru Ayurveda
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    Vedaguru Ayurveda Festival

    Vedaguru Ayurveda Festival
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    Vedaguru Ayurveda Courses

    Vedaguru Ayurveda Courses
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    Yoga Bus
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